Blind Drawing

Do you suffer from an internal nagging voice that distracts you from drawing by constantly telling you your drawing's rubbish? We suggest simply not looking at your drawing until it's done.

Blind drawings allow you to practise looking at your subject and making marks on the page, without the judgy monologue. Start by fixing your gaze on what you want to draw, concentrate on the main details of the form & begin sketching the outlines without looking at your page. Choose a simple subject to get you started & don't spend very long on each study.

This is a useful way to warm up at the beginning of a sketching session. It improves your hand eye coordination and encourages you to make decisive lines. Which can improve your observation and the quality of your lines in your every day drawings.

But don't worry about all that yet, the outcomes don't matter while you're blind drawing. Drawing exercises are all about experiencing the process, not creating a picturesque end product. That being said, they can come out looking really interesting and sometimes pretty funny too!

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