Global Pride 2020

Some countries had their first ever Pride celebration!

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The first Pride was a riot

Milena Parker-Jurd

Stonewall wasn’t about marriage equality.

Stonewall was about police brutality.

It was about systemic abuse and subordination.

Stonewall was spearheaded by black trans women like Marsha P Johnson (pictured above).

As we celebrate Pride 2020,

within the context of the Black Lives Matter riots,

it’s imperative that we remember that.


Riots in protest of police brutality are the reason that we have more rights today.

The inspirational Peggy Seeger via Facebook :

"In time for Pride, I've just released a collection of love poems, called Love Unbidden. The poems were made for my partner, Irene Pyper-Scott, during the first 20 years of our ongoing 31-year love affair. It’s unlike any other recording I’ve ever made, close in style to the love songs I made for her, close to my memoir, close to my heart and to Irene herself. It tells a love story from the beginning onward."

Check it out here



What does the Pride Flag Mean to You?

Thea Wilkins

We put this question to our social media followers & turned their answers into colourful moments throughout the zine. Like this :

The Pride flag means something different to everyone. From its creation back in 1978 by activist, artist and Harvey Milk contemporary Gilbert Baker it’s undergone a number of updates and changes. Sure, sometimes this was down to what colour fabric was available at the time but in more recent years it has been changed to try and broaden representation and inclusivity.

We must accept that there is discrimination and devisions within the LGBTQ+ community so for this reason for some people the original flag can be understandably conflicting. We must continue to improve within our community. As the world has taken steps to accept us, we should strive to be ever inclusive within our own walls too. 


Throughout history, a rainbow has stood for hope and wonder. Personally, if I see any incarnation of the Pride flag I feel seen and accepted.

To all those establishments who display safe space notices for the LGBTQ+ community, thank you - it doesn’t go unnoticed.
To the house across the road from me, flying a full size rainbow flag proudly, you brighten my day every time I walk by and I squeeze my wife’s hand a little tighter because of you.

So whichever Pride flag you relate to the most let's fly that flag for all those people living in countries where it’s not safe to be out and proud, for all those with an unsupportive family. They need us to keep speaking out for love and equality, they need the hope that Pride delivers.

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'Pride not only lives out in public where people are celebrating but also it lives in out hearts and that's the most important thing.'



"We help LGBT people escape persecution and violence."

Protest While You Party

Suki Wilkins

I am so thankful to the activists of the past that some places in the world are able to see diversity as a cause for celebration today. I feel especially privileged to live in a small community where I can even walk across a rainbow crosswalk. The fact that the Pride Flag that is raised above the crosswalk is repeatedly ripped down is an unpleasant reminder that not everyone is in the mood to party.

See the full article here

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See more information from ILGA World –

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans And Intersex Association here

The Gay Commune 

Philippa Perry

Flo, the daughter of Philippa & Grayson Perry, lives in a flat share with her girlfriend Eilidh, friends Tom and James and Casper the cat. Philippa Perry created this bowl as a symbol of the harmony in which they all live together. It can be seen fresh from the kiln in the ‘home’ themed episode of Grayson Perry’s Art Club (episode 5).

This piece stood out as a moving tribute to her daughter and her sexuality. People of the LGBTQ+ community sadly quite often struggle coming out to their family so to see a Mother so outwardly celebrate her daughter being queer is very encouraging for the future. 


See the bowl in action on art club here

Hiding from the World

Freiya Benson

You pull your hood up around your head, and your softly contoured face falls into shadow, obscured by the cloth. You tell me that you're cold, but I know why you hide your face from

the world. 

I know that you're just readying yourself, battening down the hatches, preparing for the oncoming storm. 

You pull your jacket on, over the grey and black hoodie. Another layer of protection, another piece of safe, to hide you from the looks all of us are too used to now. 


Sometimes we talk about standing out. Sometimes you tell me that we're witches, strong, powerful, untouchable. We stand out because we're not like other people, we straddle worlds, boundaries, preconceptions. We are witches, but we are also so much more.

See the full poem here

Check out Freiya's website here



The Pride month of June is a

time to celebrate my "otherness"

and show my true colors!

In 2012, I made this painting of my dear friends Autumn and Jane after they were captured on camera — kissing on the corner of The Belvedere Hotel —during the Baltimore Pride Parade.

Their outrageously colorful and celebratory pink cake outfits, on stilts, embodied that moment of lesbian love and tenderness that I want to share in my work. 

The original painting is quite large and now lives in their home, but now you can order a canvas or paper print of it in any size  here

How to Support LGBTQ-Owned Small Busines

'LGBTQ owners need support at a time when people are becoming aware of different demographics that do not have an equal platform to excel in the world of business.'

Click here to read more about some of the best ways to support LGBTQ-owned businesses right now.

How to Support LGBTQ-Owned Small Businesses & Resources by

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Gaycation (Vice) - Ellen Page & Ian Daniel investigate what life is like for LGBTQ+ community members around the world.

Disclosure (Netflix) - Documentary about how Hollywood has affected the Trans community.

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