The high quality watercolour half pans that come in our Sketching Tins are also available separately in sets of three as well as individually.

They have magnets attached to the base for securing anywhere on your tin or onto other metal surfaces. The pigments used are extremely potent and are bound with natural gum arabic.

Our Current Range:

Click on a colour to see the colourway it belongs to...

Van Dyke Brown watercolour swatch
Rose Madder info.jpg
Permanent Rose info.jpg
Hot Pink info.jpg
Yellow info.jpg
Yellow Ochre info.jpg
Lemon Yellow info.jpg
Lagoon Blue info.jpg
Cerulean info.jpg
Prussian Blue info.jpg
Indigo info.jpg
French Grey info.jpg

Our Kickstarter campaign - The Colour of Liberty - was successfully funded!

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Primary colourwheel front.jpg
Earthy colourwheel front.jpg
Neutral colourwheel front.jpg
Neon colourwheel front.jpg

All four of our standard colourways are available in the Sketching Tin as well as separately.

Back in Stock Soon...

Previous Limited Editions

Mardi Gras

Purple - 817 - Pigments: PB81, PV23

Golden Yellow - 805 - Pigments: PY83

Viridian - 832 - Pigments: PG7

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